3 books I read in October

In the last few months I’ve managed to get some much needed free time to catch up on non-work related reading. I read 3 books and here is my snapshot review.


Dongri to Dubai: Six decades of the Mumbai Mafia by Hussain Zaidi
If you are one of those who was fascinated by movies like Company and Satya, then this is a book to read. Traces the origins of mafia from the old Bombay to the very recent killing of Obama and how that affects India’s mafia king – Dawood Ibrahim. It’s no surprise why this book inspired Sanjay Gupta to make Shootout at Wadala. The writer goes into complete detail to re-create scenes for the reader to imagine it as if one was describing movie shots.

Predatory Thinking by Dave Trott 
This is Dave’s second book after the much acclaimed “Creative Mischief”. But I think while Creative Mischief was more suited for the ad folks, Predatory Thinking is a book which just about everyone interested in practicing simple creative thinking should read. The author describes a lot of incidents which he experienced during interactions with clients & creative teams. But what’s interesting is that he shares some very simple lessons of life he learnt very early on from his parents and how that has shaped his thinking. I strongly recommend this book. 

Why We Want You to Be Rich by Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki
When a book is gifted to me I often end up reading a subject which I wouldn’t usually pick. Personal finance is one of those topics so I am glad to have received this one. For somebody like me who is currently in that life stage where proper financial planning is very important for a secured & richer future this book is a must read. Let me warn you, that after reading you may shy away from all safe options which we know as bank savings, fixed deposits and even mutual funds. This book should help you become a much more risk oriented aggressive investor to “GROW RICH” and not just limit you to make “secured investments”.

That’s 3 books done for 2013 and I hope to complete at least 2 more before the year ends.


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