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Monday Mumble: TV viewing should get more social

Often, there are thoughts, ideas or just sparks which are either already produced somewhere in the world or are yet to be done. Monday Mumble is an attempt to share that blurb and collect an opinion.

Internet has taken over our lives to a good extent. And one of it’s victims was supposed to be the TV. But that didn’t happen. The idiot box is now finally getting smarter and more controllable. HD viewing is the new rage and on-demand, ad free entertainment is the asking. Brands have launched televisions which will bring you the TV and Internet all within the same box.

TV viewing should become social
TV viewing should become social

Now the fun part – integrating the two so that your television programs can use the Internet to talk to your friends and know more about their viewing habits and preferences. Yes, televisions are not internet enabled but I don’t think they yet allow the viewing experience to be social. Please feel free to comment if I am mistaken here.

TV viewing should get more social

Just like Blackberry pins are used to connect among the users, all set-top boxes too will have UIN which is used to connect to a network. So, the next time you are watching an exotic holiday program on TLC, you can call the user list on your TV, attach a small message and send it to a friend. He/she will see your note and play the episode which grabbed your attention. Or the next time you are watching something and want your friend to switch channel and catch the show with you – just ping him/her and she too can tune in to that content.

Going further, TV networks can put up offers – where 2 or more set-top boxes can buy on-demand entertainment in combo packs so that friends / families can buy a movie and watch the same together at discounted rates.

Just like we saw the social revolution online, where one-way communication from brands/publishers has moved to conversations among the users/fans about the brands; I think TV viewing too will evolve to help viewers connect and share.

I would love to know if you are already seeing this happen or know of next in production of such ‘communicative‘ set-top boxes.

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