Kindle, I like you the old way

This week Amazon launched 3 new varieties of the Kindle. So now, besides the Kindle Keyboard there is also the Kindle, Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire. I haven’t done a product test, but I have been a Kindle Keyboard 3G for just about a year now and here is my take from what I see online and also observed an interesting twitter conversation.

What was the Kindle intended for? Thanks to the eInk and superb battery life it was supposed to be your perfect e-reader. However with the new Kindle Fire, you can read in colour, watch movies, listen to music and check mail and more. DISTRACTION. Yes, pure distraction if you ask me. I think what I need from the Kindle is what it does best currently – good battery life, some music and capacity for a lot of reading material. Anything else on it and you are tempted to check mail, catch up on the latest episode of sitcom or even end up playing games. Yes, my Kindle does have an experimental browser – but because its so crappy I don’t get tempted to browse.

Of course there will always be the camp which wants to have a gadget which does it all. But the way I see it – Kindle for reading and any other tablet like iPad or the kinds for entertainment.

And it was interesting as I was composing this blog post I happened to see some interesting tweets from @praval.

My final take – if you are serious about JUST READING – buy the basic Kindle and I prefer it with 3G. But if you want to do more, then go compare if Kindle Fire is what you want instead of the iPad.