Two months with the Blackberry Curve 8520

It’s too late to write a review on Blackberry Curve 8520. So, this post intends to share my experience of using the Blackberry for a couple of weeks during my stay in Kenya.

Blackberry Curve 8520

I’ve been a satisfied user of Nokia phones for more than 6-7 years now. I also used the iMate Jam for about 3 years before I made the switch back to Nokia E75. But with the popularity of all those applications on iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones I thought I was really missing something. Finally the pressure came on to pick the Blackberry when I moved to Kenya for a work assignment. The Blackberry Messenger was the cheapest way to be in touch with family & friends back home.

So what’s good with the Blackberry

  • I like the always on, unlimited internet access. News, twitter and email get done a lot more.
  • Although the constant email alerts are a pain, I think it helps you sort out a lot of mail while on the move saving some time when you get back to the desk.
  • The Microsoft Exchange sync keeps my work mail and calendar up to date on the laptop and phone.
  • The BBM – one hell of a super thing to be in touch with friends and family.

And what’s disappointing

  • The camera is poor. For that price Nokia gives a lot better image resolution.
  • I miss the FM player.
  • Battery life is not impressive. But then I can’t blame it much thanks to all the apps and heavy usage one actually ends up doing.
If I get the opportunity I think my next phone will be an iPhone [if I can afford it]. And if I can’t then I would love to try the Android too, however I think the benefit of being a Blackberry user is the access to the BBM network.
Update: I am back in India and currently using the Nokia E75 again. This time I’ve installed the What’s App to stay in touch with other Blackberry / Nokia users.