How to spend time effectively during a recession

If your work is recession hit and you’ve got some free time on hand, here’s something to help you spend that time effectively.

Recession (by Bolo-head Man)

Review your expenses
Credit Card, Mobile Phone, Internet schemes can be reviewed. This could be a good time to move to the that budget friendly zero commitment scheme. Unsubscribe from newspapers/magazines you don’t bother reading.

Spruce your business branding
Maybe you started your venture at the peak of the market and never really got the time to see how your business stationary looks like. Browse around and get a design school student to work out some interesting designs. A good branding exercise will help you later when pitching for new business.

Use the Internet
Online presence for many company’s is a low priority, yet. Take a look at your website and see if something more can be done with that tool to attract new business. If you don’t already have a website, maybe you should think of getting one. And if you can’t afford to get one designed how about starting a blog at one of the free hosting websites to at least establish your base online.

Get active online and register yourself in business directories, join forums/communities and check out what people are talking about your industry, competition, trends etc.

Get yourself introduced to GTD
Life is a mess – missing due dates, phone calls never returned, unanswered emails and a cluttered desk. If that’s how your life is, it’s time to get introduced to David Allen’s GTD [Getting Things Done]. Here is a good place to start.

And of course, above all let’s not forget this recession will hopefully be a phase and we shall tide over this one very soon. So, get out of office spend some quality time with your loved ones and build the attitude to help you move forward.

How are you beating the recession blues? Got any tips to share, put them in the comments area.