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Monday Mumble: Mumbai traffic twitter updates

This week’s Monday Mumble has been kind of stuck due to a technical problem.

The Idea: I have set up a MumbaiTraffic twitter channel to which people send in updates based on their traffic experiences. For example, if you are driving to town and notice a large procession at Mahim Junction – you could leave a message saying "Avoid Mahim Junction, take back road to Bandra". To start with you will have to send in all messages to the channel by putting a "@mumbaitraffic" in your messages.

The Problem: Currently, I haven’t figured out on how all messages which are going to be "@replies" for MumbaiTraffic can be displayed to all other users and get re-tweeted to followers.

My Attempt: I tried taking the RSS feed of the Replies and passing it through the Yahoo! pipes – Twitter Reply sniffer but the date/time format don’t seem to match and the process fails when I pass the RSS from the Yahoo! pipes through

Other Suggestions: Another recommendation was to set-up a bot and run it from a server, but I can’t do that currently due to limited bandwidth. So if you have a server where this can be set-up would be happy to get some help.

If you have any other ideas, please do let me have your thoughts in the comments and I’ll be sure to give you a credit when this gets active.


5 thoughts on “Monday Mumble: Mumbai traffic twitter updates

  1. Awesome ! Waiting for it to start. You should get a LOT of updates from me 😀

  2. how much bandwidth are you looking for? may be I would be of your help.

    Btw I found u following aalap. I am also into advertising, publicity.. Just a start.. currently freelancing..

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