Experimenting with Twitter Tools

It’s been a few months now since I got addicted to twitter. Although the integration with Google Talk makes things very easy I was curious to experiment with other twitter tools. So I tried a few of them:

  • TwitBox – had a lot of refreshing delay and errors
  • Twitterlicious – I really couldn’t get around installing this, kept giving me some windows version error
  • Twitbin – A sidebar application which takes away a portion of your browser space and I didn’t seem to like that.

I finally settled with TwitterFox and I like it because: (A) It’s non-intrusive – doesn’t keep popping up and blinking in the task bar like in IM integration. (B) I like to see contact photos which helps me mentally connect the messages better with the sender. What I don’t like is that I can’t see Replies and Direct Messages.