Interesting Links #1

This is my first post in a series where I am going to share interesting blog posts, websites and other interesting articles which catch my attention and I feel are worth sharing with my readers.

  1. Scot Adams in this post shares 80% of the rules of good writing.
  2. It’s all about co-creativity and team work. Ashok links us to Randy Pausch’s article on working successfully in a group.
  3. I have read many Moleskine hacks and adapted a few to daily planning. This one seemed to be the best I have read so far. But I am yet to implement any of it.
  4. Are you struggling to give face to your new logo design? Seth Godin shares his views on how even the most abstract thing can be made a powerful symbol if given a “meaning”.
  5. The problem with photography guides is they are exhaustive and after a few days you tend to forget what all you read. This is a quick 60 second guide I plan to read every time I know I am going to spend time photographing on a holiday, family function or an outdoor trip.

Let me know if you’ve written or doodled something interesting and I’ll put it up here.


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