floola – an iPod manager

Thanks to Floola I can now hear songs from my iPod songs on my office PC without having to move them all to my hard disk. Floola is a helpful utility because it makes your songs much more manageable. At home, my sister uses iTunes to transfer songs to the iPod, but then I use floola on my laptop to arrange them in playlists which I manage.

So if you need to use more than 2 machines to manage your iPod get floola and make it simple. Besides the iPod floola is also useful to manage your Motorola mobile phone (any model supporting iTunes).


One thought on “floola – an iPod manager

  1. Agreed. I found this little App and I’m in love, no more bulky itunes, runs great on any computer. So simple and just as powerful as itunes in a lot of respects, it even has smart playlists! I’ll never go back, and it seem the software just keeps getting better with every release! Yay!

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