Over the past few weeks I have added some new blogs to my regular reading and I am glad that some of the writers have become online friends too.

Naveen Dhanukan
I met Naveen at the Mumbai Photo Marathon and the guy is a bagful of ideas – some very interesting and surely worth an ear. I wish he could share more of his sparks with his blog readers. Anyways for now he puts interesting nuggets picked up from around the internet like he discovered Alesti – a RSS reader which he claims is even more user-friendly than Google Reader. Check it out for yourself.

Beautiful Is
I really don’t know how to describe something which defines itself as a weblog of all that’s beautiful. I am amazed at some of the lovely thoughts my cousin Sunil puts in at his blog here. They even a facebook community to connect to more than 200 beautiful members and share everything beautiful.

Coffee & Conversation
Dhivya is no way associated with any of the coffee bars springing up left right and center. But she writes a rather neat blog over lots of coffee. An account manger from Bangalore she mainly writes about her observations on advertising, marketing and communication and also does some yummy restaurant reviews around the city. The blog also has a very interesting sidebar, which I haven’t yet managed to explore fully.

Ajit Balakrishnan
This is the blog by the CEO of I just logged into his “Rediff Land” and he seems to write quite a few interesting topics like entrepreneurship, entertainment and internet of course. I even blogged about one of his post, earlier.


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  1. Hey, Thanks thats damn sweet of you. My blog has never been reviewed and it is extremly flattering I must admit. 🙂

  2. Hey…just wanted to let you know about the Mumbai Bloggers Meet on 9th June. Hopefully you will be able to make it this time round.

    More info on my blog.


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