Are you ready for FREE broadband?

Times Of India reports that if the government for once becomes serious about their ambitious plans all Indians will be offered free, high-speed broadband connectivity by 2009, through state-owned telecom service providers BSNL and MTNL.

Now that is something so cool, but instead why don’t they go the US way and make the cities of India WiFi enabled. Anyways most of the major cities in India have enough traffic jams for people to spend time on the roads. And by enabling WiFi you only further the economic activity of the country – More people will be spending productive time working while on the move.

So here’s my thumbs up to this government initiative.


One thought on “Are you ready for FREE broadband?

  1. FREE broadband is a great start. Since we are making baby steps WiFi enabld cities will jus jave to wait. We are still grappling with infrastructural issues like power cuts, water shortage etc.

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