Book-shelf update #2

another bookshelf shot (by massdistraction)
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Books are an addiction to me. And although I spend a lot of time reading – it’s more of work related and little of what I like to read. However the last few weeks have been good – Nitika and I have been spending a lot of time reading. There has been some shuffle on the bookshelf and I thought I should make an update.

What am I reading:

  • Google Story – If Google excites you, this is a must read. See how Google came about in becoming Internet’s most used service. It is admirable to read the struggle Larry and Sergey fought against the financial pressures a growing company faces.
  • Tom Peters’ The Circle of Innovation – I picked up this book only because I had a preview of tom peters! essential title – design. Also I read his blog regularly so this book was picked up to understand more of his thinking style and the mantra he spells.
  • No Logo – This is a very intensive read and I have been reading it more like a text-book.
  • India in Slow Motion by Mark Tully & Gilllian Wright – This is my dad’s pick, but I found it interesting so just started it a few days back. My comments on it very soon.

On the Shopping List:


5 thoughts on “Book-shelf update #2

  1. In one of my rare boookbinges I read iCon (on Steve Jobs), The Google Story and The World is flat in that order. and felt pretty crappy for not being the greatest software geek who cud create the next best thing if i just wanted to. ICon paints Jobs as a psycho rockstar, but theres a lot to admire there about how they really just wanna make some amazing products. So I’ll suggest u also try that book-its an enjoyable read. I loved Google Story and i was so inspired I wanted a Google T shirt after that (which i got!). World is flat i think is a must read – puts global business in perspective. i felt like an idiot while reading that one-and isn’t that a good sign of a book?

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