Twitter: The Micro Blog

New Year, New Discovery. Thanks to Chetan’s post I hit upon Twitter which as he states is a micro blog platform. And so it is. Once you sign-up at Twitter you can send in messages which basically get published on the net in a jiffy. Nothing fancy – take a look at What I am doing currently?

There are two ways to post a message. Send a message via IM or use SMS. Although I have not been able to configure the SMS settings for the UK number. I would love to connect with anybody who has been able to send in messages from India?

If this sounds fun, pick up the RSS feed for the page here or you can even bookmark my twitter page to see what I am doing.

But twitter has a few problems – I could not send the SMS to the UK number. Also I experienced quite a slow responding website.

Update: If you got hooked to twitter here is a neat tool to have for easy access to twitter. It requires .Net setup on your machine, so I prefer using Google Talk to keep me connected to twitter.


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  1. Not really. I could not solve it via SMS so I am using iMov messenger for Windows Mobile Phone to send messages via IM to twitter.

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