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Can I zip Firefox?

firefox_logo.jpgI just settled into my new job at Mudra. Of course there was no firefox on the machine I was assigned, so I spent quite some time installing the browser and it’s necessary plug-ins, extensions, greasemonkey and it’s scripts I am so used to.

During this process I was wondering if there was a way to zip up my complete firefox set-up at home and just come to office and install the same set-up. How cool would that be. I would not have to miss out any of those scripts. Got any suggestions?


3 thoughts on “Can I zip Firefox?

  1. You just need to do backup of C:Documents and SettingsUSERApplication DataMozillaFirefox

    (XP+Firefox 2)

    It is not good to do backup of ‘plugins’ and ‘extensions’ to next machine as it is depended upon particular Version of Firefox. It works like hack but may crash! Important is bookmark, which you can do with Bookmarks–> export/import easily.

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