HELP: Video conversion for iPod

I spent sometime updating my songlist on iPod. Going further I wanted to see how videos can be played too. It seems it’s not as simple as drag and drop because the iPod plays only MPEG-4 or MOV files, which means converting most of the video files I have on my hard disk and only then can I think of moving them to the iPod.

A tedious process indeed and it’s also not free. Because I checked around a few softwares to convert MPEGs to MOV format and they seem to cost quite a bit. I am doing this for fun, so I am really not going to be paying for a software to do this for me. If anyone got ideas on how this can be done with some-kind of a Freeware, drop me a line – Please.


One thought on “HELP: Video conversion for iPod

  1. Converting any video file into an IPod-friendly video file is a one-click process if you use Videora. Its free, too. Enjoy!

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