Comment Spamming

In the last 12 hours, I have been spammed by almost 100 comments on my blog. And this attack continues. I don’t know what’s got the sudden attraction and my blog has been selected for this spam attack. Some of the comments get posted directly on to the blog and some go in for Moderation. So in all there is total chaos.

All the more problem is that I get every comment to come in to my Inbox, so the inbox too gets flooded with new comments coming every few mins.

Anybody faced such a problem, please help me. Meanwhile I am reading up this section at wordpress.

Update: Just activated Akismet. Thank you to all those who have left messages. Sorry they were all mixed up in the spam, so took a while to notice them.


5 thoughts on “Comment Spamming

  1. Hey Kapil,

    I get tons of comment spam as well, but I have Spam Karma, works great. I’d recommend you go download it ASAP and install it. Plus you can pick the interval at which it sends e-mails. I get mine around once a month.


  2. The built-in akismet plugin rocks. It filters almost 99.99% of comment spam for me. How is it working for you?

  3. @Arjun: It would be almost 100% in my case. Ever since I activated Akismet, I don’t think I have seen a spam comment in here. So it does rock!

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