Welcome to Kapil’s Korner

Dear Friends, welcome to the new Kapil’s Korner. For the non-geeks I just moved my blog to my own priavte domain at And for the geeks as you can already see I have put my blog on the WordPress platform and this is going to be interesting. Technical details later, first let’s just see what’s new around here:

  • my – The latest five links bookmarked there will now be on display here.
  • Allconsuming – I also got in the list from there to share what I am consuming
  • Categories – With WordPress in action I start filing my posts in categories for easy reading and reference later. The list is small but I will build it as I go along posting here.

And of course the most important change – The RSS feed for my blog will now have to be updated on your end. If you would be interested, please also take along the comments RSS.


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