Compaq Presario

Monday was a great start to the week. Work was getting into high gear with some new projects getting the green signal and things were rolling. All this while the technician spent some time setting up the new Compaq Presario V2000, my new laptop. It was up and running on the office network in about two hours, after which I spent time transferring the data from my old PC.

The piece is a really cool one. You could get some intensive reviews around the net, so I am going to skip that and just tell you the features which seem a mention.

Light-weight and a good screen resolution – not mentioning the Widescreen beauty.

The touch pad has these two orange lines (as you can see in the pic). If you press your finger against the vertical line in a up-down motion it will help you scroll the page. And if you do the same on the horizontal line, it scrolls side-ways. Very useful when you have these long documents to review.

Altec Lansing powered speakers. Now, I didn’t know anything about them being so great or something. My boss enlightened us on the quality and let me tell you the speakers are indeed a blast for a laptop. Compared to the old IBM Thinkpad which I used earlier, this one sounds like a discotheque to me.

Memory card reader – great feature but unfortunately neither does my office have a card reader nor does my home pc have one. So it’s going to be not much use to me, for now.