My favourite portrait photographs


Over the years every photographer tends to develop a style and a preference. Could be nature, black & whites, wildlife and so on. I don’t think I have shot enough to develop a style but if there is something I really like shooting, it is portraits.

Here are some of my favourites.

This was shot in Chor Bazaar. When I posed my camera, the man got conscious about digging his teeth and sat up straight. I had to request him to get back to his relaxed pose.

tooth picker

At Chor Bazaar again, when I tried to shoot this man he turned looked at me and gave a rather nasty look but soon looked away.

shut in

That’s my friend Ashish at Holi celebrations. It was one of those random attacks where you single out a friend and everyone attacks him/her.

holi ke rang

My love, shot during our holiday in Maldives

Naughty cousin who wouldn’t sit steady for a shot and so this came out blurred. But when I did a B&W transfer, I seemed to like the effect.

DIY Paper Stuff from SKYGoodies


This little suitcase is on my desk now. Takes care of the shiny new business cards which just came in.

SKYGoodies Paper Stuff

I made it with SKY Goodies paper stuff. Paper sheets which you need to tear along the perforation, glue up some ends and its ready. Read more about it here.

Book Review: Eat My Globe by Simon Majumdar


Can you imagine taking on the mission of traveling across the globe to try, eat till your stomach hurts and then share the experience through a book. Envy? Completely.

That’s what Simon Majumdar does in his book Eat My Globe: One man’s search for the best food in the world. He explores the many cuisines across the world. Simon is not a chef so food is described in simple words and doesn’t get lost in the science of its ingredients. The author visits many cities and because he is on a slim budget we get to read about his adventures eating in street corners, local homes and shacks.

eat-my-globeIt’s lovely to see how food becomes a medium for the author to connect with people, make new friends and travel the world.

There is of course a chapter devoted to Mumbai and he talks about Vithal Bhel, Pav Bhaji and Bade Miyan.

A handy list at the end of the book puts down in summary – The best and the worst. Dog meat in China – Not Recommended. Mutton Roll at Bade Miyan – yes very much.

A book not to be read on hungry stomach. May get a little nauseating so read it in breaks.
Author regrets that there is only 1 stomach and only so much can go into it. Don’t we all feel like that when enjoying good food.

Food as a subject is of great interest to me and this book has been a good read.

Throwback Thursday – The Family’s Answering Machine


Dinner time conversations at our home are always interesting. We either discuss the future of the family or then get nostalgic remembering moments from the past.

This week one of the conversations was about the dear old Answering Machine we owned many years ago. At a time when mobile phones weren’t so common. Now that we look back, the machine was like a family What’s App.

answering machine

As kids we would get home and rush to see how many NEW messages on the machine. We would then take turns on who would play the messages for that day. Because the messages recorded were most often hilarious and fun, we would all gather around to hear it play.

Dad’s dear friend would leave such long messages he would almost exhaust the tape’s recording time. While some would call and you could hear them say – “Oh there is some machine talking and it says they are not at home. What to do?”

Grand mom left the best messages. In her calm soothing voice letting us know that she called to say hello and check upon us. She wouldn’t forget to give us an important family gossip if we missed out on the big news while away from the only telephone connection the family owned.

There was a lovely charm of sitting close to the machine as a family and getting in all the messages. Na. The What’s App groups aren’t the same fun.

photo credit: jypsygen via photopin cc

Stand-up Comedy at Canvas Laugh Factory


Friday evening was spent at the Canvas Laugh Factory. A first for me and I’ve come back impressed. A good set of artists and some hilarious scripting.

It was fun to see Rohan Joshi (@mojorojo). I’ve followed him & Kunal Rao on twitter for a bit now and wanted to see them on-stage. Unfortunately Kunal wasn’t performing that evening -so I’ll have to go back some day. The joke subjects were the predictable set – Indian customs, traditions, religion, food habits, Bollywood and of course the government. And then how could we forget married life – Wife and I got picked on this by the host of the evening – Bru Bhakta. We were left off easy unlike some of the other members of the audience who got some really good round of grilling by the artists. The interaction with the audience is fun and if they find an easy target, they make him/her the subject of many jokes through the evening. If you are the shy sorts, AVOID the first few rows and find yourself a safe back seat.

canvas laugh factoryI admire how the artist or their script writers spend good amount of time observing the simple daily activities of us humans and turn them into hilarious scenarios. Some of the jokes can be cruel and you need a good sense of humour to walk out without having felt offended.

If you are in Mumbai and haven’t seen this yet, I strongly suggest you skip the next Bollywood masala flick and instead go watch this entertainment. I am surely going back soon.

Make your everyday commute productive


If you live in a big city chances are you spend a lot of time on the road traveling across for work or other social commitments. Here are some ways I use to make my time productive.

That’s one of the best ways I make use of my travel time. If a physical book is not handy a short article on my phone with apps like Pocket or Medium. Reading in a moving vehicle can sometimes strain your eyes, so choose wisely.

Lately I’ve been trying to write on what’s on my mind or drafts for my blog. You can even draw if you want to practice the skill. The idea is to ensure that you are capturing your thoughts.

make the most of your travel

Mobile devices are powerful these days. Personally, full length movies are not suitable but I do try and watch episodes of my favourite TV shows.

Music helps me keep the energy levels high and mood upbeat. I always make sure my favourite music is handy. Not the most pleasant way to enjoy it, but better than not having heard those tracks for a long time. Audio books & podcasts are also a good thing to try.

Making the most of the free time is key. I plan my day’s agenda. Capture the tasks. Scribble thoughts for the client proposal.

If I am stuck in traffic, I call a friend and catch up. Even make plans for the weekend. Sometimes I give a surprise call to the old granny who misses me all the time.

Yes, somedays I decide to do just nothing. I try and relax the mind – think about life’s happy moments, observe people around me and let the breeze hit my face.

How do you spend your time when traveling? Leave your thoughts in the comments area.

photo credit: 27147 via photopin cc